CoPilot Advisor - Grow your business with social prospecting

Grow your business with social prospecting

Learn how our strategy, combined with cutting A.I. technology can take your prospecting for clients to a new level of efficiency.

Grow your business with social prospecting

Learn how our strategy, combined with cutting A.I. technology can take your prospecting for clients to a new level of efficiency.

Change the way you find new clients.  

How our system works.

Change the way you find new clients.  

How our system works.

Interested in learning how? 

Do yourself a favour and take 15-mins to discover the opportunities of social prospecting. 

We guarantee after your first month of service you will have a minimum of 5 new, qualified leads that want to talk to you just waiting in your inbox. 

Bring in new clients at a low cost

Accelerate your growth

Save time networking and prospecting

Eliminate the need for low return tools


Watch how insurance, mortgage and financial advisors are using CoPilot Advisor to generate new business and referrals. 

"The response back on LinkedIn is absolutely amazing, I mean it really is. I mean I am approaching a third client from using this"  

-Michael Bommarito WSM  


"You guys provided me the resources... that just set me up for going into the meeting and feeling confident about what I was doing and I landed him, so, it was great." -Jason Hilliard Forecast Capital  


"It's a huge timesaver, I'm probably adding 30 new connections a day to my network and then I am having probably 5 good conversations per day." -Doug DiDominica Principal Financial Group

Reps at the biggest firms are filling up their calendars using CoPilot Advisor  

What’s it costing your business if you wait? 

Are you ready to change your business with CoPilot?

Worst case scenario: you spend 15-min learning something new about client prospecting. Best case scenario: you bring on clients and transform the way you generate business. 

Social Prospecting 101 A pool of untapped prospects just waiting for you to reach out.

Social Prospecting is the act of finding new “leads” or “prospects” through a social network. If you’re in the business of finding new clients or customers, your job will be a lot easier if you take advantage of the wealth of data and potential customers on these networks. There’s been a shift in how people want to communicate. Think about the last time you communicated with someone and it wasn’t face-to-face. For most people, it’s through direct messaging on their phones or computers. People love this type of communication as it’s easy, personal and non-intrusive. Investing in social prospecting is extremely effective when done right, and at CoPilot, we’re experts in partnering with you to develop your strategy and then automate the effort to deliver tangible results. Your network can help you determine your net-worth, and we want to show you how.  

Let Prospects See You Transparency in sales generates a trusting relationship.

In a world where online attention spans are diminishing, visual communication and credibility is an increasingly effective solution to stand out. Your social profiles are often the first impression for the prospect you’re connecting with. It gives them a simple understanding of your character as well as the value you can offer to them.  

At CoPilot, we help you to evaluate your current profile and suggest ways for you to make small improvements that speak to the value you can add to your future prospects. Your social media profile may provide the validation a prospect needs to more forward with a phone call.  

Focus on Your Niche Sales Target Only talk to prospects who will actually be interested in talking to you.

Social networks hold a lot of personal data. The key is to think about who your current clients are, and determine what they have in common. With simplified targeting, you can go as broad or as narrow as you want and we help you pinpoint those small commonalities between your best customers. Why? Because if you don’t target the right people, it doesn’t matter how great your messages or sales strategies are, because they are ultimately not your target.  

Conversation Matters Create a conversation that offers value to both you, and your prospect.

The point (and benefits) of social prospecting is to in fact, be social! It’s a truly unique way to strike a conversation with a potential prospect and then convert them to a sales qualified lead who wants to talk to you.  

Use tools that can help you qualify the lead prior to a meeting, such as our Investor Quizzes and our best practices for social selling. 

We’re experts in creating messages that are social, genuine and conversational. Remember, you’re talking to real people here, and we want the experience to be good on your end and theirs. 

Time is Money Prospecting is a numbers game. Automation will drive your success.

You might think a social prospecting strategy will take a lot of time to implement on your own - and you’re right - social prospecting is hard, but we make it easy. Here's why our solution stands out.  

Our in-house Artificial Intelligence tool does the hard work for you.  

We automate engagement of your personalized messages to your custom target, and then categorize the responses based on who is interested in talking to you. Using A.I., we line up leads and appointments for you steadily throughout the month. We help you save time on prospecting so you can focus on what you’re good at - closing deals.  

Why Work With Us We are experts in the intricacies of social selling and have distilled our learnings into this system for you.

We help you craft best practice messages that be customized into what works for you, and your business.

We send warm leads to your inbox right when they’re interested in talking to you.

We support you with an entire team of experts that help you get as much value as you can from the platform.

We help to create credibility within your network. The more people connect with you, the more credible you are. 

Flat monthly rate at no commitement. 

Upgrade as you go.

Pick the level that matches your strategy. 

Flat monthly rate at no commitement. 

Upgrade as you go.

Pick the level that matches your strategy. 


  • Is this tool compliant? Yes, we haven't had any compliance departments reject this tool because nothing we do is customer facing. None of the communication within our messaging violates the compliance SEC and FINRA compliance guidelines.
  • Who are you guys anyway? We are a group of ex-advisors and techies who have worked at Riskalyze, Broadridge, Electronic Arts, and RBC Capital Markets. We are dedicated to helping our fellow advisors be successful.  
  • I want to wait to implement a solution like this... If you wait, you will be leaving a lot of opportunity on the table. We are the first to market with an automated social prospecting tool like this, and the opportunity to create a new channel of qualified leads is there for the taking!
  • Are investors really on social networks? Yes. They are doing research, learning about new opportunities and "keeping their finger on the pulse" of business. 
  • Do cold outreaches really work? Yes, but remember this isn’t your typical “cold outreach”. The messages only go to those people that are in your niche target and have been vetted based on the data available. Also, the value you give in your message is extremely important.
  • What does my Profile need to communicate? You need to have a clean, informative profile that communicates your value, has a call to action (CTA) and shows who you are. Bonus points if you can include links to your website, content you’re written or any other brand building materials. 
  • What exactly do I get when I sign up? You get the prospecting service which includes: strategy session to create your target and messages, automated invites going out everyday, and a profile audit. When people reply to these invites our A.I. will reach out to you and inform you of any interested leads so you can focus your time on high priority prospects.  


  • What if I'm not technical? Don't worry, we built the product so everyone can use it. You don't need to be technical to experience results. Just follow the process we help you lay out. 
  • What if I don't have budget for a tool like this? This is a business development tool that will help you generate qualified leads. Think about how much you would pay for a lead who is willing to get a phone call or meet for coffee with you - we provide 5-10 of these leads per month and if you close 1 of those leads, the tool will pay for itself.  
  • Will this really work for me? Yes, this is just a digital marketing tool. It might sound a little foreign right now, but it works. This will work for you if you are: 1. Just starting out and are looking for ways to attract your core base of customers, or 2. Looking for ways to accelerate growth 
  • What are the next steps? Sign up for a 15-min discovery call with one of our Growth Team members to talk about whether social prospecting can work for you. 
  • Are there any long term contracts? No, everything is month-to-month. You can however, pay yearly to get a discount.  
  • How many new clients will I get from this? We don’t give you clients, we give you qualified leads that want to talk to you. If you just got 1 client a year, this tool will pay for itself 10X over. Your results will be unique to you. If you have a great offer and a proven sales strategy, you will see results. 
  • Is it hard to set up? No, it's very easy. In our most popular package, we help you get set-up and comfortable with the platform, and then our A.I. does the rest. We will send you leads and connections every single day.
  • Will this integrate into your other CRMs or software? Yes, of course. You don't have to worry. It easily integrates into the most common tools you are already using through an easy to use CSV export.



Chairman of CoPilot. CEO of Hillcore, $4.3B PE firm. Ex-Managing Director at RBC Capital Markets.  



CEO, Co-founder of CoPilot. Ex-Broadridge and quantitative finance firm CSSA, spent 10 years building advisor tech.  



CTO, Co-founder of CoPilot. Ex-EA, Thomson Reuters, NGRAIN. Shipped 12 titles at EA and worked on FIFA.


Director of CoPilot. Director of Victory Square Technologies and CEO of Aspen.

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Advisor of CoPilot. Chief Growth Officer of Victory Square Technologies. Ex-PerfectMind's VP Sales and Marketing.



Founding Engineer Ex-EA. 10 years on FIFA.


Product Designer Ex-EA, FIFA's UX designer.


Director of Sales & Partnerships Ex-SAP and Global Relay.


Director of Growth Marketing Ex-team lead at ResponseTek


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Legal Counsel Partner at Fasken.



Engineer Ex-teacher. 


Technical Support Supervisor, Customer Success Ex-Brit. 


Customer Success Ex-SAP.


Engineer Ex-Pressimus Media.


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